get to know me meme: [5/] favorite movies → Marie Antoinette 

ma: This is ridiculous.

cdn: This, Madame, is Versailles. 

"Letting everyone down would be my greatest unhappiness."
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“When I was 8, I was confused about being called ‘bossy’ because I wanted to direct the plays that we would put on for our parents. But the boys were not. When at 14, I started to be sexualized by certain elements of the media, when at 15, my girlfriends started dropping out of their beloved sports teams, because they didn’t want to appear ‘muscle-y,’ when at 18, my males friends were unable to express their feelings, I decided that I was a feminist. And this seems uncomplicated to me. But my recent research has shown me that feminism has become an unpopular word.”

I think my favorite moment is when Jane talks about how she did kiss somebody once, but then she didn’t tell him about it, and she was mad at him for not realizing that she’d given something up. The show sort of runs on these restrained emotions and people not saying what’s on their mind, and here is this moment where they’re saying so much that is on their mind and they’re commenting about how it’s on their mind, and they’re coming down off this drug and it’s super intimate and strangely agreeable in the middle of this relationship ending conversation. -Matthew Weiner

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The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014) dir. Wes Anderson.

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Title: Rollercoaster

july 15 2014

"You better get out of here, Enzo, there’s gonna be trouble."

The Godfather (1972)

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It’s time to show your love for your Hogwarts house! Save the date and rally your fellow housemates to make the celebrations as exciting as possible.

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Fight Club (1999) dir. David Fincher.

"Look, the people you are after are the people you depend on: we cook your meals, we haul your trash, we connect your calls, we drive your ambulances, we guard you while you sleep. Do not fuck with us."

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Pulp Fiction (1994)

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Title: She's Not Me



Is this about Zooey Deschanel’s identity crisis?

Omg yes ^^